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Bobs Sea Fishing product of the Month
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Have you tried the new AWa-Shima ''Reflector'' Line?

NO???????..................... YOU SHOULD!!

After being given this and a few other spools to test I gave it to some regular pleasure anglers, Match fisherman and I then tried it for myself.

The results were incredible and all feedback was not only good but the people who tested it immediately purchased it and replaced all of their current lines with the new Monofilament from Awa-Shima.

Heres what Awa-Shima say about the line:

"Reflector line is a unique monofilament, being able to change its colour fromt several tones of green into brown, in direct dependance of light conditions. This particular feature gives an instant camouflage in the depth and allows the Reflector line to be virtually invisiable in all kinds of bottom surface, such as leam , weeds and rocks.

The Refelector line combines this unique instant camouflage feature with a great abrasion resistance, even in the preasence of mussels and rocks, an extraordinary tensile and knot strength and the best suppleness available today in modern monofilament technologies."

Now that all the techno babble is out of the way i give this line a 10/10 and have so much confidence in the product that i have every breaking strain available in stock for £9.99 per 600m spool.

For more information come and see us or call me on 01443 227267.

Tight lines!!


Welsh Coast
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We have some of the best fishing in the UK. along our Welsh shoreline, Nationaly recognised for its Winter Cos Fishing and Summer Bass Fishing we take this into account and ensure we have everything required to fish our coastline.

We also pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge of the area and providing our customers with detailed information on where and when to fish and how to fish there.

We give free accurate high and low Tide times over the phone free of charge and cover the complete Bristol Chanel to West Wales.


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Our bait is amongst the best in the UK especially our Fresh Black Lug.

We Dig our own Black Lug Worm and have a constant, regular supply and can usually guarantee Lug when other shops will fail.

We are constantly developing our skills and methods to ensure the best bait, we have cooling systems and fresh sea water to ensure the Lug is at its freshest when you collect it.

We also have a regular supply of Fresh Rag Worm through the year to ensure you have the best choice of baits.

We also Have a constant supply of Devon Peeler Crab live and Frozen!!

Frozen Peeler Crab can be mail ordered and sent anywhere in the UK!! Please note however that we must send them using an Ammo Cool bag to ensure the bait remains frozen. These cost £8.99 and approx UK express (am) delivery costs £10.99. Please contact us on 01443 227267 for a more accurate delivery cost to your area.

We also Cater for large group orders such as Boat trips, competitions etc so please feel free to contact us with your order.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our bait and we guarantee satisfaction



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We have a fantastic supply of Frozen baits from Ammo baits and have a massive range in stock at all times. We have 4 Stock freezers full to ensure we dont run out so you have bait ALWAYS!!





Take a look at our range:

  • Mackrell (whole, fillets and joeys)
  • Sand Eel (small, medium, large and Launce)
  • Calamary squid
  • Baby Squid
  • Cuttle Fish
  • Frozen Lug Worm
  • Frozen Peeler Crab
  • Smelt
  • Razor Fish